Gynn Gardens Blackpool Community event

Tonya instructs the Community police

A little chap looks on in wonder as Tonya instructs the Police in the art of manipulating the Diabolo ( See the youtube video that follows to see him catch it!) it may not help him to catch criminals but he did have fun!

Pat Eakats Dance and Drama School

Charity Fun day at Uncle Toms Cabin Blackpool

Charity Fun day at Uncle Toms Cabin Blackpool in aid Mediequip 4 kids was opened by Linda Nolan of the famous Nolan sisters. The Blackpool Circus School provided workshops and performing students during the day in the beer gardens at the rear of the building. There was a stilt walker, Unicyclists and jugglers.

Circus School at Red Rose Camp Opening ceremony

Blackpool Circus students enhance the opening ceremony at Red Rose Scout camp 2010. Danial Tate-Pots was a big hit on his stilts as the Grim Reaper (The theme this year was Circus of horrors) James Wade produced his usual skillful juggling and Yuri juggled with fire for the first time since 1985. The atmosphere in the Lake district was electric as you can see in two videos that were taken during the event.

St John’s Square Blackpool Police event

The young public try the Unicycles in St John's square

The event was organised by the local Police to show their services and engage with the community. There was various entertainment as well as the Circus School who attracted many families with their skills workshop. There was fun items for the very young as well as more advanced tuition for those that wished to learn and many did. The Circus students and helpers joined in to create a great atmosphere and enjoyed themeselves at the same time. See the youtube video.

Winwick Carnival

Charles Saer After School Club

Shakespeare After School Club

Croft Carnival

Lytham Carnival 26th June 2010

Some of Blackpool Circus Schools students at Lytham 2010

The weather was wonderful for this years Lytham carnival. It was on the 26th and the Circus school had 26 students participating in the parade featuring, Stilt walkers John Swift and Jordon Atkinson as old time cop chasing a bandit. Their interplay with the crowds was up to a very high professional standard. There were Unicycles, Juggling, Diabolos and powerisers. See the Video taken by Blackpool TV.