Thomas Senior tries a new bounce routine

At Circus school on Wednesday evening Director Yuri suggested a new move to Thomas to add to his already great bounce juggling act. On his second attempt he had it set and only needs practise to be able to include the routine in his next performance.

Guys Thatched Halloween night

Dracula trys his hand at plate spinning

A packed audience at Guys Thatched took part in the Circus workshop by Blackpool Circus School. Most of the children that took part were very young but enjoyed the collection of interesting items that were put out. Some children came and went through the 5 hours and one young lady worked on the Diabolo with Tonya and developed many new tricks. The children were all dressed in Halloween costumes and before the end Yuri was asked to judge the best of the boys and the girls.

Circus School Stars shine in North Pier Charity show

On Sunday 24th October, five students of Blackpool Circus School appeared on the North Pier Blackpool in an annual Charity show staged by Tony Jo. They were James Wade, Jamie-Lee Coldham, Martyn Hawkins, Thomas Senior and Daniel Tate-Pots. Also on the bill were Joe longthorne, Frank Carson, Mick Miller, Joey Blower, Billy Pierce and Duncan Norvelle. There were also some very good dancers and a number of female singers.

Record attendance at Highfield Circus Club

Despite the heavy rain, Wednesday night Circus club at Highfield attracted a great number of members and new students. Although Roger Mireles was away on holiday, Jose Hermida was back after a period missing through poor health. Another welcome participant was “Slava” a Russian juggler who was in “Eclipse” at the Pleasure beach for a number of years. He brought his year 6 son Ilya who is making great progress as one of our students. Slava helped out with Acro for our beginners and members. Jamie-Lee took a group club passing workshops with 5 other students. The evening was rounded of again with Unicycle skipping with mixed results. See youtube video.

Highfield Humanities Community day 2010

Highfield Humanities Community day 2010

Circus workshop for the Highfield Humanities community day featured a number of our students taking to the outside stage to demonstrate their Circus skills. The photo above shows Martyn Hawkins 12, Jamie-Lee Coldham 20 and James Wade 20 rehearsing for their part in the demonstration. Other participants were Thomas Senior, Danial Tate-Pots and Max Salthouse. These outdoor events give the students a wonderful opportunity to practise their Circus skills and work together on new routines. They can also be very competative, see the video on youtube.

Tour of Britain Cycle race

The Tour of Britain Mascot tries the Balancing board ably assisted by Tonya from the Blackpool Circus School on the South Shore headland.

Tour of Britain Mascot with Blackpool Circus School

Mega Youth week at Stanley Park

A mother trys out a Unicycle with a Zimmer frame

The event was organised by the Stanley Park Community Police to try and engage the local youths to respect the great area that is Stanley Park. Our Circus workshop did attract some youths who proved to be very adept at the various skills. There were also families involved with all ages again trying the skills on offer. See the youtube video.

Guys Thatched Hamlet Oyster festival 2010

Fun for all ages at the Oyster festival, Guys Thatched Hamlet.

Everyone joined in our Circus workshops at Guys Thatched on the 5th September, Children and adults came back time after time for 6 hours to try the items in use. Some just had FUN and some learned a new skill. Every age was catered for from toddlers to senior citizens. Circus students came along for a free workshop and also helped with teaching. Danial Tate-Pots and Max Salthouse also took to the dance flooor to exhibit their skills at Juggling, Diabolo and Poi.

Lancaster University visit of St Wilfred’s Yr 10s

Blackpool Circus School carried out a days Circus workshops for a visit from St Wilfrid’s High School Yr 10/11 students. The day was arranged by Lancaster University as an introduction to Higher education. Among other events on the day were Drumming and dancing workshops plus various talks. Most students came away from the BCS workshop with at least one new Circus skills and some achieved more than three new skills. The tutors on the day were Yuri & Tonya Gridneff.

Ride the lights 2010

Connor Turner waits for his mates to arrive for the Sky ride.

 The 2010 ” Ride the lights” was sponsored by Sky TV. They gave out over 8,000 bright yellow tunics to all that requested them. It was estimated that over 12,000 Cyclists took part this year. The Prom was closed from 6 PM to 10 PM so that all the cyclists could ride safely and preview the 2010 iluminations. Blackpool Circus School provided at least 10 Unicyclists who rode from St Chad’s Headland to Bispham. See the youtube video.