Club night 25th January 2012

Some of our students rehearsing for a performance during club night.

Club night January 11th 2012

Little Bobbie chases big Daniel on uneven unicycles (Mission impossible) but wait until she grows a little!

Club night 14th December 2011

Club night 30th November

Circus club nov 23rd

Our Circus students in beginners class and the advanced on club night.A new game with clubs has developed like a demolition derby!

Gary Parkinson Charity Ride the lights

The students that took part in the fundraising event for Blackpool FC Coach Gary Parkinson who is suffering with locked in syndrome. The students who completed the 13 mile return trip from Star Gate to Red bank road on Unicycles wer;  Bobbie Porteous-Byrne, Daniel Tate-Potts, Jamie-Lee Coldham, Meredith Noblett, Hollie Stanyer and Connor Mischa Turner. On Penny farthing was Thomas Senior and others that took part were Joe Walker, Connor Steele, Morgan Porteous-Byrne, Jane Stanyer and Helen Gardiner. They were all seen off by Yuri & Tonya, Circus directors and Matt Phillips and Adam Dodd of Blackpool FC. The event was filmed for Granada reports

Oyster Festival 2011

Blackpool Circus School in their third year at Guys Hamlet Oyster festival. Adults and children join together to have fun and learning accompanied by the great Irish band that plays each year at this festival. Circus students JL Coldham, Martyn Hawkins, Daniel Tate-Potts and Max Salthouse took the opportunity to get some great practise in for future performances. They also helped Yuri & Tonya teach some children and adults to Juggle, Plate Spin and throw and catch the diabolo.

A boy from last year moves on to more complicated moves

Circus School rides the 2011 lights

Blackpool Circus school members ride the 2011 lights from Star gate to Red Bank Road. Little Bobbie on her tiny unicycle who only started to learn at the start of the Summer rode all the way back! A remarkable achievement.

Congatulations to our talented students

Joel Hatton Ringmaster at Zippos Phoenix Circus
A number of our students have now started on the road to performing. Max Salthouse entertained the children at Knott End & Preesall library for this years reading challenge “Circus stars” (Max Salthouse – has entertained about 25 young people at Knott End Library this afternoon. A lovely time was had by all and Max did very well with his display and interacted well with the children, passing on his skills.) Connor Turner also assisted Yuri & Tonya at a number of libraries for “Circus stars”
JL Coldham has joined a “Wheel of death” group for some local events and also led Jordon Atkinson, Martyn Hawkins, Joe Walker and Max Salthouse entertaining for Blackpool Council transportation at Stanley Park for the first “Sky Ride” in Blackpool.

Emma-Jane Coldham working in Camp America USA for the Summer has just posted on Facebook.” Just performed my first ever aerial routine to an audience of hundreds =] So much fun!! ♥ ♥”

Thomas Senior, our very talented “Bounce ball juggler” returned from entertaining at a Juggling convention in Crawley to appear in the Charity show at the Grand Theatre headlined by Gareth Gates and Jimmy Cricket. The report on his performance was “an outstanding young performer”
James Wade, Jordon Atkinson and Daniel Tate-Pots were entertaining at a break dance festival at the Winter Gardens. Daniel & John Swift entertained at the Blue Bell Nursery in South Shore for their open day.

Joel Hatton is now the Ringmaster with Zippos Circus “Phoenix” Yuri & Tonya were very proud when they saw his performance at Moor Park in Preston. His compering of the superb show was first class as was his presentation of his Unicycle act. He showed a very mature engaging personality with very good content.

Finally, not to be outdone by his students, Yuri appeared in the age UK TV advert juggling on Connors Unicycle along with a group of equally strange old folk!!

Quiz! First person to spot Tonya in the advert gets a FREE Zimmer frame!!

Co-op day The old station Morecambe

The day was organized by Dave Britherton for the Co-op membership at the Old station Morecambe on Marine Parade Central. Various bands played inside and out while Blackpool Circus School provided non stop Circus skills on the Green outside “The Platform” Yuri and Tonya were joined By Daniel on stilts as the ring master, Jami-Lee on Giraffe unicycle and Martyn Juggling 5 Clubs plus passing with Jamie-Lee and Yuri.