New Unicycle Guiness world record set

JUST Unicycle club and Blackpool Circus School have set a new world record by collectively unicycling 2743.5k.

Eighty-five riders took part in the record-breaking ride. The youngest rider, Morgan Porteous Bryne was six and she managed an amazing 26k! She came across from Blackpool and had only learned to ride two weeks before the event! It was phenomenal. She was not the only one, Jamie-Lee Coldham, Connor Turner, Holly Stanyer, Max Salthouse, Bobbie-Sue Porteous-Bryne and Tommy-Lee Coldham also contributed to the record.

Clayton Brook Community Day

Yuri & Tonya plus Connor Turner met a very self taught talented young man who came with skills and went away with even more skills. A very nice time was had by all on a rare nice day in June! not July as stated in the Video, great work film editor Yuri!!

Morgan rides!

Morgan is not quite 7 and she has learned to ride a Unicycle in a very short time, it would have been sooner but she could not reach the pedals! Credit must go to her parents, Peter and Helen who have encouraged Morgan and Bobbie to achieve so much in so little time.

Highfield & Marton Mere

Circus students have fun at Highfield and Marton Mere Holiday village, Blackpool duriong the May bank holiday week-end.

Walking tall at the Pier cafe

John Swift made his second appearance at the St Anne’s Pier cafe on Mothering Sunday. This time he was the Ringmaster on Stilts and was accompanied by Jamie-Lee Coldham. Many families took the opportunity to try some of the workshop items.

New venture in St Anne’s

Joe Walker and John Swift entertain in front of the Pier Cafe, St Anne’s on Sunday 11th March 1-3 PM. The Circus School will be there again next Sunday 18th March, Mothering day and Easter Monday 9th April. Workshops will available for all! No charge!

JL & EJ have fun at Wookey Hole

Jamie-Lee Coldham and Emma-Jane Coldham from Blackpool Circus School joined other Circus groups at Wookey Hole Somerset for the UKYCN Event 2012. Hopefully, others from the Circus School will have this wonderful opportunity in 2013.

Tamara joins the Circus School

Tamara, a “Master of sport of the USSR” Russian Gymnast and Circus artiste has joined the other volunteers to help train the Circus students in acrobatics. She has won the Silver clown award in Monaco with her previous troupe “Vorobiev” whose act was the Russian swing. She has now settled in Blackpool and is keen to help the youngsters. On her first day, progress was already noticable and the students enjoyed her teaching methods.

Frank Carson

Frank Carson who passed away peacefully at home on the 22nd February was a very good friend to Blackpool Circus School. When we asked him to host our presentation day a few years ago, he not only came but donated £2000.00 for us to buy badly needed crash mats for the safety of our children. We still use these mats and we remain very grateful.
He was also a great entertainer and did a lot for Charity without many people realising it. He tirelessly worked each year to raise funds for the Variety Artistes Benevolent fund that put on the Royal Variety performance. Each year he took a show to the Opera house, belfast at his own expence. Yuri & Tonya our directors and trainers took part one year with a huge cast of stars from stage and TV.
He supported some Captains at the St Anne’s Old links Golf Club, in 2010 it was Franke Geraghty when he invited Yuri to be his guest and even told the club that he had done so! Frank used to play regularly at the Old links where he was an Honorary member with Yuri, Clive, George, Mario and Collin who was a particular friend. He was always very competative but never “Peaceful” He was good company and tried out all his new material on his fellow players. I Yuri Gridneff, first met him in Great Yarmouth in 1980 and we were often partners in the weekly show biz Golf tournements. I worked with him many times over the years and he was gracious enough to take Tonya and me to the opening of shows in Blackpool.
I considered him a good friend, a teriffic pro and shall miss him hugely. He was deeply religious and I hope that all that he believed in has come true for him.

Visit to Weeton Primary School

On the 9th February 2012 we had the pleasure to visit Weeton Prmary School on the invitation from Headteacher Chris Horrocks. The occassion was to celebrate an outstanding ofstead report. We were not surprised at the good report as we found all the staff to be very keen and supportive of the Children. Evidence for this was the way they dressed up along with the Children in Circus attire and did not mind their unusual appearance (even the Elephant!) Only teachers that are confident in their relationship to their pupils would take this risk.
We worked with all the Children in the school with a show for the younger Children and hands on workshops for the older. Many Children managed to learn at least one new skill and some more than one.
The climax to the day came with a display of skills from some of the Children that was followed by “Come follow the band” from Barnham where the Headmaster in the dress and role of Ringmaster introduced the staff in a mime of Circus. The Children loved this end to the day as did we!
Worth noting, an effort on the part of the school can make our visits more memorable. Photos below with the permission of Chris Horrocks, Weeton Primary School.