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Joel & Bobbie Link Circus school with the Tower Circus

Joel & Bobbie
On the 18th April 2015 it was World Circus day. The circus school joined with the stars of the Tower Circus for a photo shoot to send a photo to Princess Stephanie of Monaco for their Circus web site.
Joel Hatton, one of this years Circus performers who was a student of the Circus school is seen here with Bobbie one of our very talented present crop of students. Needless to say, we are very proud of Joel who has worked hard for his achievement. See below for another photo of the day.
Gazette World circus day

Following In Hollys footseps

For web 2
Becky Pearson is practising and teaching Silks and Hoops at Wednesdays Circus club. A few of our students are taking advantage of her skills. Inspired by Holly Johnston (see post below) The photo shows Bobbie who is one of our keenest young students, her main skill is the Unicycle (watch out for her and her younger sister Morgan riding on the prom at Blackpool)
Our other ex students are also doing very well, most recent is Max Salthouse who started with us when we visited his Primary school in Fleetwood for a term of workshops. He toured last year with Charles Chipperfields Circus and is planning the same for 2015. Joel Hatton has toured with Zippos Circus and featured in the Illumination show at the Winter Gardens Blackppol last year, he was joined with another of our students Ashliegh Littlefair. Joel is in the 2015 Tower Circus show. John Swift on stilts at Blackpool tower. Thomas Bounce juggler working as a Children’s entertainer with CJ Tazz, he also did very well on BGT. Obi Ashworth works around the country working in Fetes and Galas. Jennifer Enderez was in the Circus of Horrors. James Wade, Daniel Tate-Potts and Joe Walker worked workshops with Children at Blackpool Zoo. JL Coldham, Daniel Tate-Potts, Emma jane Coldham and Billy Robinson have featured on the Vander wheel of death visiting The Arab Emirates last year and many Fetes and Galas throughout the year. Not bad for just a one night a week Circus club!

Holly Johnstone was one of ours!

Holly who performed so well with H on Tumble was a Circus school student with us for a few years before moving on to Circus space in London. She then went on to perform around the world before taking part in the BBC show “Tumble” On reaching the final they put on a magical display that earned maximum votes with the judges, unfortunately the public vote did not make them the winners they so obviously were, we are so very proud to have been associated with Holly. It will help to inspire our present batch of promising students to work hard and achieve great things.

Circus School at Showzam 2014

Circus school and Ofsted visit to Leyland Infants

Hi Yuri
I have attached some photos and also the link for the OFSTED report…they did give you a passing mention which you are of course free to use if you wish to. The quote from the child was lovely.

Pupils are given very good opportunities to extend their writing skills and numeracy skills. For example, following on from a very ‘hands on‘ and highly enjoyable session focusing on learning circus tricks, led by an external provider, pupils were asked to write about their experiences. One child’s account, punctuated accurately, started, ‘Today was the best day ever! I loved trying the balance boards because they were fun.’

We had a great day again with both of you…I loved the different format for the year two’s which was even more hands on and the children loved their day. they are still talking about it and we have got lots of ideas for PE lessons to carry on in class.
Thank you again for your hard work

group leyland infants crop


Feather balance Leyland infants crop

Unicyclist Sam Goodburn Visits us

Famed Unicyclist Sam Goodman, visits us at Highfield

Big Bike Bash in Stanley Park Blackpool

Bike bash web


The Sun came out in Blackpool for their annual Big Bike bash. This is held at the athletics track. The Circus school was very busy with children and adults alike enjoying all the items that were available. The people also enjoyed seeing our students that came along to help, including Max, Morgan and Leah. In the picture can be seen Max, Morgan plus a young lady on her Unicycle that taught herself to ride and will hopefully join the Circus school. Her sister is leading the way!

World Juggling day 15th June 2013

Tower web


Blackpool Tower invited Clowns and jugglers to join Mookie and Mr Boo in an attempt on a world record. The response from the north west’s circus schools was very poor apart from Blackpool Circus school who provided the bulk of the participants. On a very windy day Clowns and jugglers were filmed by Granada reports and North West today on Friday the 14th June. Local school children joined in to make it a memorable occasion. It was marred by one of the “Clowns” stating on interview that the only clown for him was Charlie Chaplin, he never heard of the other Charlie, Charlie Cairoli !