Syndicate dancers get into the Circus groove

The Ladystyle dancers from the Syndicate night club have joined Blackpool Circus School ‘s Adult class at the Claremont first step centre. They want to add Circus skills to their dance routines to make them more exciting.

Ladystyle Dancers join the circus workshop

Ladystyle Dancers join the circus workshop

On their first visit they have mastered scarves juggling, plate spinning and the Diabolo.  They will go on to learn Poi, Stilt walking and even the unicycle!  When they do perform Circus skills at the Syndicate it will bring the site on Church street full circle, the site was once the home of the Hippodrome that used to stage Circus in the early years of the last century.

Syndicate Ladystyle Dancers

Syndicate Ladystyle Dancers join in the Circus Workshop Adult Class