Visit Blackpool event in St John’s Square

Families enjoy the August Sun and workshop in Blackpool

Organised by Mike Chadwick and Chris Pope of “Visit Blackpool” the event gave Blackpool Circus School the opportunity to show off their skills and provide a fun day for all the families that came into Blackpool on a fantastic Summer day in August. Thomas Senior showed his ball bouncing skills while Jordon Atkinson entertained the children on his stilts.

St John’s Square Blackpool Police event

The young public try the Unicycles in St John's square

The event was organised by the local Police to show their services and engage with the community. There was various entertainment as well as the Circus School who attracted many families with their skills workshop. There was fun items for the very young as well as more advanced tuition for those that wished to learn and many did. The Circus students and helpers joined in to create a great atmosphere and enjoyed themeselves at the same time. See the youtube video.