Blackpool Council thank Circus students.

Circus students after receiving certificates from Mayor Williams

Following their participation in “Dressing the stage” at the Tower Circus for the Conference ball, The boys and girls of Blackpool Circus School were invited to the Mayors parlor for a thank you get together of all the young people that contributed to the conference which this year was held in Blackpool. They all received a certificate as a memento of the event. Back row left to right, Jamie-Lee Coldham, Emma-Jane Coldham, Daniel Tate-Potts, Thomas Senior. Front row left to right, Connor Turner, Issac Moutrey, Jacob Moutrey, Max Salthouse, Martyn Hawkins.

Highfield Humanities Community day 2010

Highfield Humanities Community day 2010

Circus workshop for the Highfield Humanities community day featured a number of our students taking to the outside stage to demonstrate their Circus skills. The photo above shows Martyn Hawkins 12, Jamie-Lee Coldham 20 and James Wade 20 rehearsing for their part in the demonstration. Other participants were Thomas Senior, Danial Tate-Pots and Max Salthouse. These outdoor events give the students a wonderful opportunity to practise their Circus skills and work together on new routines. They can also be very competative, see the video on youtube.

Guys Thatched Hamlet Oyster festival 2010

Fun for all ages at the Oyster festival, Guys Thatched Hamlet.

Everyone joined in our Circus workshops at Guys Thatched on the 5th September, Children and adults came back time after time for 6 hours to try the items in use. Some just had FUN and some learned a new skill. Every age was catered for from toddlers to senior citizens. Circus students came along for a free workshop and also helped with teaching. Danial Tate-Pots and Max Salthouse also took to the dance flooor to exhibit their skills at Juggling, Diabolo and Poi.