Visit to Weeton Primary School

On the 9th February 2012 we had the pleasure to visit Weeton Prmary School on the invitation from Headteacher Chris Horrocks. The occassion was to celebrate an outstanding ofstead report. We were not surprised at the good report as we found all the staff to be very keen and supportive of the Children. Evidence for this was the way they dressed up along with the Children in Circus attire and did not mind their unusual appearance (even the Elephant!) Only teachers that are confident in their relationship to their pupils would take this risk.
We worked with all the Children in the school with a show for the younger Children and hands on workshops for the older. Many Children managed to learn at least one new skill and some more than one.
The climax to the day came with a display of skills from some of the Children that was followed by “Come follow the band” from Barnham where the Headmaster in the dress and role of Ringmaster introduced the staff in a mime of Circus. The Children loved this end to the day as did we!
Worth noting, an effort on the part of the school can make our visits more memorable. Photos below with the permission of Chris Horrocks, Weeton Primary School.