Showzam 2010 Parade

 On Saturday they went on a tour of the Tower Ballroom and Circus with historical notes from Professor Vanessa. Some groups stayed to go up the lift to the Tower top and others made their way to the Pleasure beach.  All met after lunch in a large room set aside for them by “Visit Blackpool” in the Olympia of the Winter Gardens. A further workshop on presenting a performance was conducted by Felicity Fernando and there was a general workshop exchange between groups  plus visits to the exhibitions in “Showzam central”

Jamie-Lee leads the Blackpool Circus School contingent for "Showzam 2010"

All the groups took part in the 2010 “Showzam Parade” The groups participation made this years parade the best to date with Blackpool Circus School, being local, made up the largest group.Organized Kaos from Swansea brought the excitement of fire to the event. See the video.