NYCE workshops at Highfield Humanities College

Sunday morning was taken up with a series of professional workshops at Highfield Humanities College which is the base for Blackpool Circus School. Whilst waiting for the gates to open the groups took advantage of the nights snow fall by juggling and passing snow balls! The workshops were led by Slava, a graduate and performer of the Russian state Circus school. Roger Mireles a former flyer who was part of the “Flying Alizes”and performed with Barnum and Baileys Circus. Jose Hermida, who started life with the “Muchachos” Circus in Spain. Plus Yuri Gridneff and Jamie Lee-Coldham who taught and demonstrated Ladder balancing. Yuri was a product of the “Amazing Gridneffs” and Jamie was a Student and now teacher with Blackpool Circus School.

All the groups meet at Highfield for the last workshops