National Theatre of Variety Launch

Blackpool Circus School were very highly praised for their part in the launch of the National Theatre of Variety. Manager Paul Isles said after the show “How nice to see teachers and students performing together” Three teachers and six students took part with an age range from 8 to 69.

Teacher Yuri Gridneff was particularly proud to be in the show as he was working in variety when one by one the old theatres died. Robin Dukes, Blackpool Gazette entertainment editor quoted “The youngsters of Blackpool Circus School who carry the baton for future generations.” And Peter Elliot, executive administrator of the entertainment artistes benevolent fund wrote “It really was a joy to sit in the audience and watch true professionals display their art to such an appreciative audience.”

The students that represented BCS along with their teachers were, Holly Johnstone 15, Jamie leeColdham 16, Mark Fishwick 13, Billy Robinson 13, James wade 15 and Martyn Hawkins 8. The teachers that appeared in addition to Yuri, were Roger Mirales, ex Barnum & Bailey Flyer and Liang, ex Chinese state Circus acrobat.

Also in February, Yuri Gridneff appeared on the Ted Robins Radio Lancashire morning show to Juggle on the Air! The outstanding success of this resulted in Yuri being invited onto Alison Brownes Top 10 show where Yuri had to select 10 records that were memorable in his life and to talk about the events that led to his selection.

On the 12th March, 5 students from Blackpool Circus School will take part in La Boheme at the Grand theatre Blackpool. They will play the parts of street entertainers during a scene that features a market place in Paris.