End of an era!

The photo says it all. The last night at the old sports hall at Highfield
Humanities college
. Although only running one night a week there have been many notable success stories from the training received here. Joel Hatton, Unicycle juggling act and Ringmaster in a second season with a touring Circus. Holly Johnstone, Completed a 3 year degree course with Circus space in London and is now rehearsing for Batman Live in the USA. Jennifer Potter has toured with the Circus of Horrors and is now working in the USA. Gemma Stanyer has married into a Circus family and is now touring the UK. Mathew Craddock toured with Take that. Emma-Jane Coldham entertains the crowds at the Tower Circus. Jamie-Lee Coldham works Fetes and Galas with The Vander wheel of death. Thomas Senior has developed a professional bounce juggling act and has appeared at the North Pier and Grand Theatres Blackpool. Max Salthouse does shows and workshops. Martyn Hawkins has also appeared many times on stage for the Circus School. Daniel Tate-Potts and Joe Walker do Children’s parties at Blackpool Zoo. James Wade has also worked at the Zoo and along with John Swift has worked at Haven Leisure. And our Unicyclists have ridden in many chartity fun raising events.