Circus school and Ofsted visit to Leyland Infants

Hi Yuri
I have attached some photos and also the link for the OFSTED report…they did give you a passing mention which you are of course free to use if you wish to. The quote from the child was lovely.

Pupils are given very good opportunities to extend their writing skills and numeracy skills. For example, following on from a very ‘hands on‘ and highly enjoyable session focusing on learning circus tricks, led by an external provider, pupils were asked to write about their experiences. One child’s account, punctuated accurately, started, ‘Today was the best day ever! I loved trying the balance boards because they were fun.’

We had a great day again with both of you…I loved the different format for the year two’s which was even more hands on and the children loved their day. they are still talking about it and we have got lots of ideas for PE lessons to carry on in class.
Thank you again for your hard work

group leyland infants crop


Feather balance Leyland infants crop