Suitable for Key stage 1 plus Rainbows and Beavers
For small people we put the emphasis on FUN & SUCCESS

Balancing on items include Peddle go fun wheels, a trainer for the Unicycle
Balance boards which are a trainer for the Rola Rola. Children can do other skills on
Both Peddle Go and Balance boards-Juggling, hoops, Feathers, Flower sticks etc

Balance and throw items include Flower sticks which you balance on control sticks you can also throw and catch and create patterns-Feathers which are a great starter
For balancing items on your hands, chin, nose, foot and throw from hand to hand
These items are as simple or as difficult as you want to make them

WE ALSO HAVE A MINI BALANCE BEAM (for photo, see Junior section)
Again, this is wonderful for balance and a great start for Gymnastics
We have found that children that can do this can walk the Wire Tightrope very soon

We put all the equipment on a circuit and break the class (max 35) into six or seven teams and rotate them until they have completed the circuit

Most should be able to succeed on all the items in the circuit

For Reception and year 1 we do a show with Circus skills and fun and include the children with participation if they wish to be included
We find that some very small children would rather watch than try

Some of our customers

St Michaels Weeton
Shakespeare Fleetwood
St Georges Primary
NW1 Theatre school
Fullwood Beavers
Woodlands School
Pendle view primary