Suitable for Key stage 3, Guides and Scouts

Ribbon twirling on Strap on Stilts and Poi which can also be used on the stilts when mastered, in fact any hand items can be added.
Poi is very popular amongst teenagers and features every year at Glastonbury. It is usually combined with dance.

Flower Sticks & Plate spinning, Flower sticks are the same as Devil sticks but due to the leather “Flowers” on each end are slower and easier to learn.
Plate spinning is harder than it looks and calls for a very relaxed movement. Both items can be developed and used on balancing props.

The balance board features in all our workshops from the easy to the complicated. It can be used to enhance other items such as Juggling and can be used in teamwork. We also feature any suitable items from the small people and junior workshops.

In all our taster workshops we work on a total hands on circuit taking in all the skills in rotation. Depending on the time booked, the children can follow up the circuit with any items they chose and can include Stilts and Unicycles.
We require a minimum time of one hour for the workshop and can take up to 35 children in suitable halls. (Suitable halls are ones that have room for 6/7 groups to work safely)

Learning Circus skills show the participant that although it seems impossible to do when they first attempt the skill they soon find that with correct instruction and encouragement they can achieve the impossible if they put in the work.

This lesson will show them that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination

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