An exciting different theme for your childrens party! You provide the venue (Church hall, Large room etc, in Fylde and Lancashire) we will entertain them with a difference.

We are ex Circus performers and will present an hours Circus show including the children. All will try the mini tightrope, some will join in the scarve passing fun routine, the plate passing routine, Ribbon dance, Balance boards with hula hoops and flower sticks. After the show for a further half hour they can all chose any item they like and their parents can join in with them. Invite younger children to come in Circus costume, see photos below, it will enhance your party.

Scarve passing routine

Further participation involves plate passing

The hoola hoop is performed on our balance boards!

If they can’t hoola then they try to spin the hoops, again on the balance boards.

The flower stick is great coordination for all ages.

We also have peddle go-Diabolo-Ribbons-Poi and we end with all the children and ADULTS trying to balance a peacock feather.

All these items are accompanied by traditional circus music.

The Party will be enhanced if you invite the children to come dressed as Circus artistes, Clowns, balerinas, ring masters and strong men! Prizes can be given for the best outfit which we will judge.


peddle go in costume crop