In 2004, Blackpool Circus School (BCS) agreed a number of key values that underpin its work. They determine how BCS works and how members, staff and Trustee Board relate to each other. These values underpin BCS practice and also form the basis for policies and strategies.


BCS values quality and seeks to ensure that all of its work meets high standards. BCS is also committed to providing quality service at a cost that reflects the economic realities of agencies, voluntary organisations and volunteers. BCS is committed to putting into place appropriate systems of quality assurance.

Equality of Opportunity

BCS values and encourages the participation and contribution of all individuals, regardless of age, class, disability, ethnic background, faith, gender, sexual orientation and family circumstances. BCS is committed to encourage its teachers to work with young people and adults who are disadvantaged or suffer discrimination on the grounds listed above. Equally BCS will ensure it employs teachers or support staff regardless of the grounds listed above.


BCS values the contribution of its members, BCS is committed to providing careful stewardship in the administration of its resources and takes account of charity law, agreed public standards and environmental considerations in the delivery of its work.


BCS is committed to the safety of the people who take advantage of its services. This will be exemplified in the assessment of risks and the reasonable control of all factors that may have element of danger for participants. Parents or guardians are asked to consent to such physical contact as may be lawful, appropriate and proper for teaching and to provide comfort to a participant in distress or to maintain safety.

Child Protection

BCS is committed to the protection of children when in their care and expect all staff will comply with the agreed Child Protection Policy for the benefit of BCS and participants alike