All members of Blackpool Circus School, paid and unpaid staff will be subject to the appropriate checks of their personal character and conviction history. All staff recognise that they are prohibited by law from administering any form of corporal punishment to a young person.  This includes any form of hitting, slapping, shaking or other degrading treatment.  If it is necessary to use physical support or restraint to protect a child from harming themselves or others, this must be the minimum necessary and appropriate for the situation.  All restraining incidents must be reported immediately to a director and a written report kept and the parent or guardian will be informed of any such incident in writing.

Teaching staff must keep their physical and personal contact with young people under constant review and seek to minimise the risk of any situation arising in which misunderstandings may occur.  This is especially important where members of staff have to be in one-to-one support or contact with young people or where young people have a known history of disruption, challenging behaviour or violence. Teaching staff should undertake a “risk assessment” when required and discuss with a director any issues which may need to be addressed, for example, when visiting young people at their home or when escorting young people in their car. However it is advisable that staff do not have young people in their care alone. If possible another responsible adult/member of staff should be in attendance. All Members of Blackpool Circus School should be vigilant about both their own and their colleagues’ conduct and report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour to a director.

In the event of any allegation of “significant harm” arising with respect to any member of Blackpool Circus School Staff, immediate consultation must take place with the Chair of the Management Committee.  This should take place, if possible, before discussing the concerns with the member of staff involved.   Consideration would then be given to initiating a strategy meeting under Blackpool CPC complex abuse procedures.  Any complaints to the police or social services which are made about any member of Blackpool Circus School and which raise child protection concerns will be dealt with under these same procedures.

Young people may themselves confide in staff directly, or are referred to staff by others.

Reviewed Feb 2024
JL Coldham, BCS Director